Campaign Monitoring & Influencer Analytics

Shift your social media campaign strategies as you learn what drives a better return. Understand how a campaign is performing across social media platforms, and make informed decisions when it comes to sponsorship opportunities or partnering with influencers.

Measuring the Brand Impact of Influencers

Social media influencer marketing has become a key budget item in advertisers’ social media plans, but measuring ROI is a challenge. Are your product placements, public appearances, and sponsorships working?

Tap the right influencers

When evaluating social media influencers (also considered brands), follower count just scratches the surface. To formulate the most effective social media influencer campaign, dive into audience, reach, and engagement to identify the partner with the most potential. Use ListenFirst to find brands with high-affinity scores, but low follower overlap. Then partner or mirror the brand’s content strategy to build your audience organically.

Identify the most promising partners

Solving the needs of your enterprise

Select the right partners for your campaign by analyzing their audience makeup and affinities, as well as your own. Know which media partners are driving the most impact for sponsors across your industry and competitive set. Through our best-in-class solution for social media analytics, you can measure the performance of your partnerships by benchmarking your campaign against your partner’s past campaigns.


Solving the needs for your media brand

If you are a media brand looking for advertisers, ListenFirst can help too! Map connections between fans and brands to identify potential advertisers and revenue opportunities. Craft a compelling story by illustrating your power to connect with a brand’s target audience. Our partnership analysis solution analyzes performance of partnerships across social media platforms, making it easier to prove ROI.


Optimize your campaigns with real-time analysis

Our sentiment data analysis layered into our social listening tool helps you know how your audience is feeling and why. Then you’ll have a better sense of what you need to do next to change the course of a campaign. Even identify opportunities or trends impacting your brand by getting real-time alerts when your content has a notable spike in activity.

Allocate resources to maximize ROI

See what’s working in your organic vs paid efforts so you can allocate resources effectively. And with analysis of all of the comments from your social creative, you can determine which campaigns, activations, or influencers are sparking the best response. Prove social media ROI from your partner campaigns with our proprietary brand lift metrics. 


Simplify the way you measure the impact of your efforts with a detailed analysis of your overall campaign. ListenFirst gives you direct access to all this and even provides key takeaways in easy-to-understand language.

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