Maximize Instagram Performance with Analytics

Plan, track, optimize, and report on campaigns from all of your brands and influencers on Instagram. Get sentiment analysis on Instagram conversation and comments and deep analysis on how your audience engages with your brand, what they care about most, and why.



Instagram metrics - paid and organic

Does your brand have more reach on Instagram than the average brand in your industry? How should you measure the success of Instagram Stories? Do your videos on IGTV have higher view-thru rates than the average in your competitive set?

ListenFirst has the most comprehensive Instagram Analytics available. This includes analysis of Stories, IGTV, Posts, Promoted Posts, and Dark Posts. ListenFirst provides a complete view of performance on Instagram across every key metric.


Influencer analysis

Our solution helps you find the right influencer partners, optimize your campaigns, analyze the performance of your partnerships, and measure the impact of the influencers on your brand.

You can also evaluate how your influencer campaigns are performing compared to competitive brands, what’s working for competitive partnerships, and best practices you can apply to your campaigns.

Campaign effectiveness

A successful Instagram campaign depends on the right content for your audience. Our social analytics solution gives you every campaign insight to make the best decisions. Create more of the content your fans want, get best practices for campaign planning and creative, and prove ROI by maximizing the return from your Instagram ad spend.

Our solution combines organic, paid, and earned social media activity for all of your brands and competitive brands in one place, giving you a complete analysis of performance and consistent metrics to optimize campaigns.

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